City Clerks

The City Clerk’s Office provides Common Council with centralized staff support under the direction of the City Clerk.  The office serves as a document and information resource to the Council, all City departments, and the citizens of Sheboygan.  In addition to its overall mission of maintaining the official records of the City of Sheboygan, the Office of the City Clerk also:

Maintains custody, control, filing and storage of all legislation, books, papers, minutes and other written and recorded documents and materials pertaining to the operation of City government.

Oversees, guides and tracks the entire legislative process, from introduction of proposed legislation to final and publication.

Coordinates and schedules official Common Council meetings and public hearings, recording each for permanent record.

Accepts petitions by citizens.

Furnishes to the general public copies of all transcripts, legislation, orders, certificates, meeting notices and other matters of public information.

Acts as a liaison with City departments, outside agencies, other branches of governments and the general public on behalf of City Council

Responsible for the stenographic recording and transcription of Common Council Legislative meetings, Committee meetings, Public Hearings, and other official City Council meetings and functions as required.  The transcriptions of these proceedings are bound and maintained in the City Clerk’s office as official records of the City of Sheboygan.  The records are available upon request for public reference and distribution.

Responsible for documenting and following through of all requests of Council for information, documents and reports from various administrative units of municipal government, and maintains a file of the results of these requests.

Responsible for the publication, updating and distribution of the Sheboygan Municipal Code of Ordinances.