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Neighborhood Associations

The City of Sheboygan, in partnership with Sheboygan Neighborhood Pride, Sheboygan Police Department and many non-profit agencies are working to establish neighborhood associations across the City.


Gateway Neighborhood Association
Neighborhood Contact:
Henry Captillo, President

Click here to view the Gateway Neighborhood Revitalization Plan.

Ellis Historic Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood Contact:
Greg Liebig

Cindy Kneevers-McNamara    


Erie Hill Neighborhood
Neighborhood Contact:
Robert Knustman

Cooper/Cleveland Neighborhood

What is a Neighborhood Association? A neighborhood association is a geographically-based partnership to improve conditions in a neighborhood.  It includes homeowners, renters, and landlords, as well as representatives from businesses, faith-based groups, non-profits, and schools.  The members of the association should represent the entire community and all of its issues and assets.  Members get together to discuss issues and identify solutions to address those concerns.  Through their work, members develop the stability, credibility, and political influence necessary to be an effective force in making a stronger neighborhood.

Association activities may include:
Community events/neighborhood cleanups
Crime prevention activities
Neighborhood improvement projects
Researching development issues
Volunteer projects and opportunities

What do I do if I am interested in starting one in my neighborhood? The City of Sheboygan and Sheboygan Neighborhood Pride have developed a Neighborhood Tool Kit to guide the process of establishing a neighborhood association.

Neighborhood Toolkit

1. Establishing a Neighborhood Association
2. SNP_intro letter
3.Stakeholder Invite Letter
4. Sample Bylaws
5. Sample Agenda
6. Resolution Sample
7. Neighborhood Map Example
8. MOU Example
9. Sample Minutes
10. NA Newsletter Example
11. Survey Sample


King Park
South Calumet
North Flats
Memorial/East Side

Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area’s (NRSA)
1. Northside NRSA Approved Plan
2. Southside NRSA Plan

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