Become a Poll Worker


The Government Accountability Board (GAB) encourages all private citizens to vote and to become involved in the election process. One of the most rewarding ways to do this is to become an Election Day poll worker (or “Election Inspector” as the position is formally called).

Citizen involvement is essential to conduct open and accurate elections in Wisconsin. The Government Accountability Board hopes that you will consider participation in one of these positions. To help you make an informed decision about this, the GAB has prepared the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about being an Election Inspector:

Election Inspector/Poll worker FAQ’s, Wis. State Elections Board

Sheboygan’s City Clerk Susan Richards and her staff conduct training in all aspects of the Election Day process prior to each election. You will be working with wonderful, experienced poll workers that will offer guidance and a helping hand throughout the day. As an election inspector/poll worker you would be part of a “team” and part of an exciting election process. Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 459-3363 with questions or to receive an application.

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